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Tonne Software Meter: A Powerful and Versatile Software for RF Applications

This is where the value of easy-to-use design software becomes apparent. Instead of re-starting a laborious design process, simply re-enter new specifications and try again. Return to the Design tab and increase the filter order from 3 to 4, then click Plot. Performance is improved but attenuation still varies by more than 10 dB across 160 meters.

tonne software meter serial number

PM100A Analog ConsoleSuitable for both absolute and relative power measurements, the PM100A analog power meter console features an analog needle display and a supplemental LCD screen. The analog needle is ideal for relative power measurements and for watching small power fluctuations. The PM100A is compatible with all C-Series photodiode sensors and thermal sensors; it is not compatible with our pyroelectric energy sensors. The PM120VA power meter kit includes the PM100A console and power cables, an S120VC sensor, and a USB flash drive with the software package preloaded. For more information on the PM100A analog console features, see the Specs and Display tabs above or visit the full web presentation.

PM100D Digital ConsoleThe PM100D digital power and energy meter console features a menu-driven control panel, 4" backlit display, and SD card slot for storing data. Measurements screens include a numeric readout useful for standard power and energy readings, a simulated analog needle, graphs of power measurements over time, and a statistics view. Additionally, the PM100D console has a tuning mode that provides audio feedback for use when the detector is not within visual range. See the PM100D Display tab for more information. The console is compatible with all our C-Series sensors for power or energy measurements, including our pyroelectric energy sensors, and includes a USB flash drive with the software package preloaded. For more information on the PM100D digital console features, see the Specs and Display tabs above or visit the full web presentation.

Additional Power Meter and Sensor OptionsThe power meter consoles and sensors in these kits can also be purchased individually. Additionally, Thorlabs offers self-contained wireless power meters, designed for both handheld operation and remote control via Bluetooth or USB, and compact USB power meters, designed to be operated via software control on a PC.

The Optical Power Monitor software GUI enables seamless control of up to eight power meters that are connected via USB, RS232, or Bluetooth wireless technologya. The latest software, firmware, drivers, and utilities for these power meters can be downloaded here.

The Optical Power Monitor software package installs the GUI, which then can be used to control the touchscreen, handheld, or USB-interface power meters. Firmware updates for supported power meters are also available. Programming examples and drivers for interfacing with our power and energy meter consoles using LabVIEW, C/C++, Visual C#, and Python are installed with the software; refer to the manual for details.

Your CyberPower product serial number (S/N) is located on a small white rectangle label located on the bottom or back panel of your UPS system. The serial number will appear in various places depending on the product you are referencing.

When using hardware serial channels (Serial1, Serial2, etc.), the configuration of the serial channel may also specify the number of data bits, stop bits, parity, flow control and other settings. The default is SERIAL_8N1 (8 data bits, no parity and 1 stop bit) and does not need to be specified to achieve this configuration. To specify one of the following configurations, add one of these defines as the second parameter in the begin() function, e.g. Serial1.begin(9600, SERIAL_8E1); for 8 data bits, even parity and 1 stop bit.

An optional second parameter specifies the base (format) to use; permitted values are BIN (binary, or base 2), OCT (octal, or base 8), DEC (decimal, or base 10), HEX (hexadecimal, or base 16). For floating point numbers, this parameter specifies the number of decimal places to use. For example:

The USB serial objects does not have built-in thread-safety. If you want to read or write the object from multiple threads, including from a software timer, you must lock and unlock it to prevent data from multiple thread from being interleaved or corrupted.

Parameters: handler: the function to be called when the slave receives data; this should take a single int parameter (the number of bytes read from the master) and return nothing, e.g.: void myHandler(int numBytes)

DVM S systems are equipped with a removable EEPROM chip on the main circuit board to store startup information, system settings, serial number, and other field programmed data. This allows for ease of startup, commissioning, product registration, and future service work when using Samsung service software (S-Net Pro2).

These codeplugs are binary and have been edited for no serial number, 255 channels, 25-20-12.5 KHz deviation and signaling.Note when writing them using the CP tool you need to write 0x280-0x2ff. If you write the entire codeplug, you'll fuck up your radio. If you fuck it up, rewite your backup (you do have a backup, right?).

Parameterize, document, operate, and monitor using a single software program. SENTRON powerconfig configuration software is the combined commissioning and service tool for communication-capable measuring devices and circuit breakers from the SENTRON portfolio. This PC-based tool facilitates device parameterization, which in turn results in significant time savings, especially when several devices have to be set up. Settings and measured values are conveniently documented. The user-friendly software is available as a free download.


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