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Roman Baker
Roman Baker

Msc Nastran Patran 2012 [VERIFIED] !!EXCLUSIVE!! Crack 19

The article presents numerical analyses and results of experimental fatigue tests of the welded stairs made from prefabricated EN-AW 6063-T66 aluminium alloy thin-walled profiles. Fatigue life analysis of welded thin-walled structures is a complicated and demanding task. Fatigue analysis of stairs was carried out according to the concept of a weak link, which was verified experimentally. The FEM method was applied in strength analysis. The conducted research allowed identifying the weak link of the structure at the welded joint. The samples stairs were subjected to fatigue tests. The fatigue tests have been conducted using specially designed set up. The experiments confirmed the numerical analysis. The cracks occurred at welded joints before expected fatigue life to fracture. Then the stairs structure was modified by changing the weld joints arrangement. The fatigue tests were carried out again and showed further weaknesses of their structure cracking of the step profile. To precisely capture this problem, detail finite element calculations for the analysed stairs have been conducted. Applying the nominal stress method, this problem was solved changing the treads profile of the stairs step. The last improvement in the construction was sufficient to satisfy fatigue strength requirement of the analysed structure. The weak link approach and nominal stress method proved to be an effective tool in fatigue analysis of the examined structure.

Msc Nastran Patran 2012 [VERIFIED] Crack 19


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