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Places To Buy Wheelchairs

From Facebook Marketplace to eBay and Amazon, the options are endless when it comes to selling your used wheelchair online. There are even websites specifically for selling electric wheelchairs, like Each website has their own procedures and best practices for selling your electric wheelchair online.

places to buy wheelchairs

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The CareCure Community forum on the Rutgers University website is a resource that provides information on spinal cord injuries and related conditions. The site, which is frequented by people with spinal cord injuries, their loved ones, and medical professionals, has more than 29,000 registered users. The Equipment & Services category of the forum is a place where people can buy and sell used wheelchairs and other used mobility equipment.

The Mobility Market USA website is a place that connects people who want to buy or sell pre-owned wheelchairs and other mobility aids. It provides a place for you to list a description of your wheelchair, its location, your asking price, contact information, and any photos you have of the item. For items that are valued for less than $100, there is no fee for advertising your item. However, if the value of your wheelchair is higher than $100, there are one-time fees that would apply to your listing.

If you are looking to connect directly with a potential buyer (or seller) the Inspired SCI Forum has a Classified section built just for you. Listings are not limited to wheelchairs, and you may enjoy reading other areas of the message board as well.

Have you ever thought of the benefits to be obtained by a good used wheelchair? Like all good used medical equipment, used wheelchairs are high-quality and a lot more affordable than new models.

The market is flooded with fine used wheelchairs, and many are still as good as new. A used wheelchair can cost a fraction of the price of a new model, and in most cases, will give the same excellent service as a new wheelchair.

To choose the best electric wheelchairs, the Forbes Health editorial team analyzed data on over 100 products from top brands, evaluating them based on price, product weight, maximum weight capacity, travel range, top travel speed, portability and more. Read on to see which electric wheelchairs made our list.

Prices for electric wheelchairs can range from $2,000 for a standard, portable power wheelchair like the Pride Go Chair to $6,000 for a fully adjustable and highly maneuverable model like the Quickie Q500 M Power Wheelchair.

Next, you must coordinate a meeting with a certified occupational therapist or physical therapist and a Medicare-approved supplier of wheelchairs so they can evaluate your abilities and needs, and submit the proper forms.

Trying out a chair around the house or on local roads can help you decide on the best wheelchair for you. Disabled Living Centres or demonstration centres have a wide range of equipment on display. They can also give you advice on different styles of wheelchairs.

Upon arrival at Hersheypark, please visit Accessibility Services located in a new location to the right of the Front Gate to request more information about Hersheypark Accessibility programs. Our team members will assist guests by providing Park-wide information and explaining more about the Attraction Accessibility Program. The Accessibility Services agents can help define ride safety and ridership requirements in addition to discussing any and all accommodations for our guests.Accessibility Services is located in a special building on the left side of Ticketing Services outside the front gate and open one hour prior to Hersheypark opening. Please look for the Accessibility Services sign.Guests are welcome to utilize their own wheelchairs, but we ask that all guests enroll in our Ride Accessibility Program to utilize the accessible entrances at our attractions.

Our Guided Bus Tour is accessible via a ramp for guests using wheelchairs or electric scooters. Each bus has limited space to secure a wheelchair or scooter, which is available on a first-come, first-served basis. If the secured wheelchair space is already in use, guests able to transfer to a bench seat may do so, and the bus attendant will store their wheelchair or scooter until the tour returns.

If you're managing a health condition or recovering from an operation, you might need durable medical equipment, or DME. Durable medical equipment includes things like wheelchairs, oxygen machines, walkers and hospital beds.

All buildings and most garden areas at The Huntington are accessible to visitors who require a physical accommodation. Wheelchairs are available for loan on a first-come, first-served basis. Visitors who require a physical accommodation are also welcome to bring their own motorized scooters, wheelchairs, or Segways. 041b061a72


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