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Roman Baker
Roman Baker

I'll Walk Alone: A Novel Books Pdf 24

I find Chris Bojalian books to be 24-hour page turners for sure. My favorites are Midwives, The Double Bind, and most recently The Sleepwalker. They are though provoking, suspenseful, but very sophisticated and detailed. I also love that most of his books are set either in rural Vermont or the hip city of Burlington, VT.

I'll Walk Alone: A Novel books pdf 24

But something else helps explain this author's remarkable success as one of America's best-selling writers with more than 100 million books in print in the United States alone: She has great respect for her readers.

Her new novel (read an excerpt from I'll Walk Alone) weaves a tale involving identity theft and a missing child. It's her 30th mystery novel, but she has 12 other books to her credit as well. She's written five Christmas mysteries with her daughter Carol Higgins Clark; a personal memoir, Kitchen Privileges, which tells of growing up in Depression-era New York; a biographical novel about George and Martha Washington, Mount Vernon Love Story; several short story collections; a children's book; and more.


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