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Roman Baker

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon RePack By RG Mechanics Fitgirl Repack Torrent Download -

Thanks for repacking this. I know its easier to spot and dismiss FarCry3: Blood Dragon as a joke until you realize how valuable this resource is. I have a full time job and rarely have time to fully finish a pack I create and usually have to pass it on for the next person to repack. Repacking Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon was a first for me, I was willing to learn and give it a shot. I actually liked the video you sent me so it made the final makeable for me.

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon RePack By RG Mechanics Fitgirl Repack

Download File:

If youre technically savvy and have heard of anything about the PC cracking scene then youd know that all of the players would want to use the repacks in order to be more capable of play games without the limitation and barriers they used to face.

This is true and thats why the ones that call on the repacking teams are down for it. It would be crazy for any team that were in the name of repacking games to not only crack their game but tell everyone to use it. I personally do not feel it would be right for the repacking teams to do that. It would be good for their repacks but not in a good way.

4. I'm sure you can't repack the game when you dont own the original. If you can, i'll be glad to help you get the original legit copy and figure out the exact stuff you need to repack it with, here's the links to support the people who already made the reps:

3. Again, your reasoning behind why you think all of these are repacks makes no sense. I've personally repacked a few games and i used the original soundtrack and sounds from the game along with the map packs and they all worked perfectly, those are not repacks in any way shape or form. If there is more than one version of the game than a repack is needed, this was true with Borderlands as well. The reason Borderlands and Fallout 3 had different sounds/soundsets was because one game was on the Xbox and the other was on PS3, which is one thing that is NOT taken care of when making a repack, these game are all one game under two different names. The reason Far Cry 3 has different maps is simply because one was made for PS3 and the other was made for XBOX, different model, for different consoles. Again, sounds and track selections made from these other mods were not included in this repack.


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