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How To Change Active Hours For Windows Updates In Windows 10

On Windows 10, one of the most annoying features is the system's ability to restart your computer to apply updates automatically when you're actively using it, which could cause the loss of unsaved work and precious time when working on a deadline.

How To Change Active Hours For Windows Updates In Windows 10


Although there's not an option in the Settings app to disable updates entirely, Windows 10 ships with "active hours," which is a feature meant to make updates less intrusive by letting you specify the time you'll be working on your computer. This means that if an update is pending, the reboot will occur outside the active hours.

Starting with Windows 10 version 1903, there are two ways to enable active hours. You can allow the system to configure active hours automatically based on your activities, or you can set a specific time range manually.

Once you complete these steps, Windows 10 will analyze how you use the device, and it'll configure the active hours automatically. Also, this means that as your screen time schedule changes, the active hours will adjust accordingly.

On the next screen, you can turn on the switch to allow Windows to automatically adjust the hours based on your