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Exams Over And Upgraded To WordPress 2.6.2 !!TOP!!

This is a compilation of our dev chats for Aug. 3, Aug. 10, and Aug. 17. Thanks for your patience \ud83d\ude42\nBuddyPress 2.6.2\n@dcavins packaged and released BuddyPress 2.6.2 last August 4, 2016. This was a maintenance release.\nBuddyPress 2.7\nSeptember 21 \u2013 Beta 1\nOctober 5 \u2013 Release Candidate 1 (string freeze)\nOctober 12 \u2013 Target Release date\nThere are currently 84 tickets in queue (44 closed, 40 open).\nTrac Tickets\nHierarchical groups (#3961) @dcavins had\u00a0a patch\u00a0which added the parent_id column to the groups database and support for querying by parent_id via groups_get_group() and @rayisme has uploaded a new patch which includes cache invalidation, among others. Dev feedback requested.\nGroup type frontend integration (#7210) @rayisme has patch which includes new UI. Dev feedback requested.\nDisplay and filter by member type on Dashboard > Users (#6060) @slaFFik has patch. Dev feedback requested.\nxprofile field support for WordPress Profile Fields (#7162) @djpaulgibbs: \u201cWe\u2019ve not touched the xprofile sync code in years. So if anyone has any ideas about this \u2026 and what a new implementation should work like, please comment on the ticket.\u201d He might work on this for BP 2.8.\nOnly load component action and screen code when we\u2019re on the component\u2019s page (#7218) @rayisme has patch for the activity component.\nSelect All link missing in BuddyPress Menu Selection (#5260) @tw2113 has patch and ready to commit. Review and testing requested.\nBP-legacy: split group single admin.php in separate template files (#7079) Patches by @offereins, @hnla, and @rayisme. Dev feedback requested.\nDate xprofile field enhancement (#5500) @boonebgorges has patch which includes new UI. Dev feedback welcome.\nRelated: @djpaulgibbs has been talking to Miguel from the https:\/\/\/plugins\/buddypress-xprofile-custom-fields-type\/ plugin about porting some of that plugin\u2019s field types into core. Tickets will be created when ready.\nImplement user capabilities for Activity component (#7176) @djapulgibbs has patch. Needs feedback from anyone who knows roles\/caps API well.\nScreen notifications settings page (#6712) @rayisme is working on this ticket. Related to Central place to manage all notifications and delivery preferences (#7168). Needs wireframes. @mercime has volunteered.\nExtract & relocate core markup functions: Theme compat include functionality & search forms file (#6844) @hnla has patch. Dev feedback requested. @boonebgorges has agreed to review patch.\nMember\/Group Type management in wp-admin @boonebgorges: \u201cIf my schedule loosens up in the next few weeks, I will make a first go at a first patch \u201c\nAccessibility Tickets. @mercime \u2013 Goal is to make our front-end templates and at least \u00a085% of BP admin screens accessible-ready by 2.7 launch. There are some style issues for the headings at this time, but will resolve them before deadline.\nNotes\n@djpaulgibbs: \u201cI\u2019m always available for code review and playing the devil\u2019s advocate in feature discussions.\nI would also like to remind regular contributors they are very welcome to leave feedback on tickets in Awaiting Review and Under Consideration milestones on Trac. There\u2019s a backlog, and we really need to do better here. So if anyone wants a change from forum support or development or translation, check out Trac.\u201d\n#3961, #5260, #5500, #6060, #6712, #6844, #7079, #7162, #7168, #7176, #7210, #7218, #dev-chatLike this:Like Loading...","permalink":"https:\/\/\/2016\/08\/19\/dev-chat-summaries-as-of-august-17-2016\/","unixtime":1471579163,"unixtimeModified":1471579290,"entryHeaderMeta":"","linkPages":"","footerEntryMeta":"","tagsRaw":"3961, 5260, 5500, 6060, 6712, 6844, 7079, 7162, 7168, 7176, 7210, 7218, dev chat","tagsArray":["label":"3961","count":4,"link":"https:\/\/\/tag\/3961\/","label":"5260","count":3,"link":"https:\/\/\/tag\/5260\/","label":"5500","count":5,"link":"https:\/\/\/tag\/5500\/","label":"6060","count":4,"link":"https:\/\/\/tag\/6060\/","label":"6712","count":9,"link":"https:\/\/\/tag\/6712\/","label":"6844","count":5,"link":"https:\/\/\/tag\/6844\/","label":"7079","count":3,"link":"https:\/\/\/tag\/7079\/","label":"7162","count":1,"link":"https:\/\/\/tag\/7162\/","label":"7168","count":1,"link":"https:\/\/\/tag\/7168\/","label":"7176","count":3,"link":"https:\/\/\/tag\/7176\/","label":"7210","count":4,"link":"https:\/\/\/tag\/7210\/","label":"7218","count":3,"link":"https:\/\/\/tag\/7218\/","label":"dev chat","count":222,"link":"https:\/\/\/tag\/dev-chat\/"],"loginRedirectURL":"https:\/\/\/wp-login.php?","hasPrevPost":false,"prevPostTitle":"","prevPostURL":"","hasNextPost":false,"nextPostTitle":"","nextPostURL":"","commentsOpen":false,"is_xpost":false,"editURL":null,"postActions":"Post ActionsScrollShortlink","comments":[],"postFormat":"standard","postMeta":"isSticky":false,"postTerms":"category":["label":"Uncategorized","count":332,"link":"https:\/\/\/category\/uncategorized\/"],"post_tag":["label":"3961","count":4,"link":"https:\/\/\/tag\/3961\/","label":"5260","count":3,"link":"https:\/\/\/tag\/5260\/","label":"5500","count":5,"link":"https:\/\/\/tag\/5500\/","label":"6060","count":4,"link":"https:\/\/\/tag\/6060\/","label":"6712","count":9,"link":"https:\/\/\/tag\/6712\/","label":"6844","count":5,"link":"https:\/\/\/tag\/6844\/","label":"7079","count":3,"link":"https:\/\/\/tag\/7079\/","label":"7162","count":1,"link":"https:\/\/\/tag\/7162\/","label":"7168","count":1,"link":"https:\/\/\/tag\/7168\/","label":"7176","count":3,"link":"https:\/\/\/tag\/7176\/","label":"7210","count":4,"link":"https:\/\/\/tag\/7210\/","label":"7218","count":3,"link":"https:\/\/\/tag\/7218\/","label":"dev chat","count":222,"link":"https:\/\/\/tag\/dev-chat\/"],"post_format":[],"pluginData":[],"isPage":false,"mentions":["dcavins","rayisme","djpaulgibbs","tw2113","hnla","boonebgorges","mercime"],"mentionContext":"","isTrashed":false,"userLogin":"mercime","userNicename":"mercime"}]Boone B Gorges9:16 pm on December 8, 2014Tags: 2.2 ( 5 ), 5192 ( 5 ), 6006 ( 4 ), 6060, member types ( 3 ) Member Type APIBuddyPress 2.2 will introduce the basics of a Member Type API. The primary goal of the API is to provide a common framework for the storage and retrieval of arbitrary member types, a common task on BuddyPress sites. See #6006 for more background.

Exams Over and Upgraded to WordPress 2.6.2

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