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This is a monthly subscription license and cannot be purchased in advance by buying multiples at one time (i.e. buying 12 licenses does not equal one year). Buying multiples at one time will result in multiple licenses being active every month.For complete information, including downloads and full documentation for MPLAB XC C compilers, go to:


This is awesome. Confirmed to work on v2.40. Used Frhed as recommended by others including And_And. My dummy exe only returns a 2, that's all it does. And make sure you're patching cc1.exe, not xc32-cc1.exe (you won't find the hash in that one anyway).

Thank you for the prompt reply. I was unclear, I was trying to do the same thing but I couldnt find the hash value from mchp_sha.h or the one I calculated in the executables. But I was looking in the wrong files. Your excellent guide clear says which files it is but I was looking in bin/xc32-cc1.exe

Hello, I tried to enable optimization in xc32 1.44 without success. I understand, reading flo comments, that SHA-256 reference string used can be different with the one present in gcc/gcc/config/mchp-cci/mchp_sha.h, but however this string should be the SHA-256 hash of the file xclm.exe (or not?). In my windows installation I calculate SHA-256 hash of xclm.exe but I cannot find that hash in cc1, cc1plus and lto1. Has anybody activate licence on xc32 1.44 on windows? Thank you for the great post.

To make the usefulness of all that stuff clear: You can compile the XC16 and XC32 for yourself. The XC8 is a different compiler.I am currently building the XC32 v1.40 with MinGW. This allows you to forget about all those Cygwin-DLLs.And another tip: for config-options of the gcc itself, you can check out what microchip used: "xc32-gcc -v" prints out all that stuff (which will need some changes - at least for pathes).

Beating the Devil at his own game, This works for the 18c, and the 30c and am checking it out for the xc32simply make a basic virtual machine with xp and nothing else, make a copy of it to another directory for the reload, then set up the microchip stuff when the 60 day trial runs out, reload the virtual machine to another directory and reinstall Wala another 60 day trial, erase the old virtual file, and now to the 32 bit stuff, i will use another email addy and then change the mac address, it should work fine

I've tried to get around licensing it by using a mips-none-elf-gcc cross-compiler as a post-build step to replace the previously generated .o files that I want to properly optimised. The problem is that the object file output doesn't link (File format error) with xc32-ld or xc32-gcc.

I guess the code to check the license is present in the downloaded sources. Has anybody tried to look at it to generate license strings so that you don't have to re-compile xc32 for each new release ?

Klicken Sie auf Datei > Projekt öffnen. Navigieren Sie im Dialogfeld für die Projektöffnung zum Ordner same54Xpro\mplab (in dem Arbeitsordner, in dem Sie die ZIP-Datei extrahiert haben). Wählen Sie alle Projekte aus (nicht den Ordner common_hardware_code oder docs), und wählen Sie anschließend Open Project (Projekt öffnen) aus.


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