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What Makes RJ113419 - Dungeons and Prisoners So Addictive and Fun?

RJ113419 - Dungeons and Prisoners: A Review of the RPG Maker Game

If you are looking for a challenging and immersive RPG Maker game with a dark fantasy setting, you might want to check out RJ113419 - Dungeons and Prisoners. This game is developed by SHOEGAZER, a Japanese indie game studio that specializes in creating games with female protagonists, guro, scat and tentacles. In this game, you play as Miene, a young adventurer who gets captured by a group of bandits and thrown into a dungeon full of monsters and traps. You have to explore the dungeon, fight enemies, solve puzzles and escape from various situations while trying to find your friend Lynn, who was also captured.

RJ113419 - Dungeons and Prisoners

Gameplay and Features